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EZ Bouquet Makes Arranging Easy

With the EZ Bouquet you will be able to create award-worthy floral arrangements in no time flat. 


EZ Bouquet helps you create professional-quality floral arrangements that are sure to impress even the harshest critic.


You can make pomanders, wedding cake toppers, fruit bouquets… your imagination is the only limit!


EZ Bouquet is easy to clean and reusable; it's the perfect, environmentally-friendly alternative to floral foam.


Floral Arranging Has Never Been Easier



Now you can easily create the floral arrangements of your dreams with the EZ Bouquet.

Flower Power!

Have you ever wanted to create professional-quality floral arrangements? Something that would really knock the socks off of your friends and family?

Well, all that and more is possible with the EZ Bouquet Floral Arranger, a floral arrangement tool dedicated to helping you easily create the very best floral arrangements possible. 

The EZ Bouquet is easy to use and environmentally friendly: all you need to do is place the bouquet in a vase and you can start arranging flowers. No floral foam needed!

Fruit centerpieces, cake toppers, home flower arranging... it's never been easier than with EZ Bouquet.

The EZ Bouquet offers:

Three dome organizer sizes: 6 inch, 4 inch, and 2 inch.

Two dome halves that snap together to create one piece.

Easy to clean and reusable design.

Compatibility with most vase types and sizes.

The EZ Bouquet provides you with:

3 Organizer Sizes
Floral Plastic Packaging
Eco Friendly Design
3 Holes for 3 Focal Flowers
2-Piece Organizers with Grid Lines
Reusable Polypropylene Construction

Holes: 3 Large Holes For 3 Focal Flowers.

Construction: Reusable Polyproplyne

Packaging: Floral Plastic Container

Made In: China

Free Support

Beautiful Arrangements

Save time and money

Peace of Mind